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Live-Blogging the State of the Union, George W. Bush January 28 2008, Part Three

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Live blogging of the Jan 28 2008 State of the Union continues:

9:32: What’s happening in New Orleans? A Phish concert? I missed what he said.

9:33: Immigration. Again, I don’t have big problems with what he’s saying here.

9:35: Here comes Iraq.

9:35: Liar.

9:36: He looks scared.

9:36: Liar. “Evil men”. For the final time, lunkhead, this is not a Will Smith movie.

9:39: I agree that defeating the Taliban is critical for our security. I wish we had ever made that one of our objectives.

9:41: This guy is just in too deep. I hate losing wars. I hate Presidents who lose wars.

9:41: I should say, I also hate wars. Not just losing them.

9:42: Depressed.

9:43: “The enemy is still dangerous.” Uh, duh, yeah. The question is, does the enemy still think we’re dangerous?

9:43: Joe Biden looks pretty good. Been relaxing, I guess. I always liked him okay.

9:44: Liar. Fool.

9:44: “Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq”. Does saying it make it so?

9:47: Whatever, George. Whatever.

9:47: Some guy yawning.

9:48: If I ever see this shoe salesman and his fat friend again after Inaguaration Day 2009, it’ll be too soon.

9:48: “More than 20,000 of our troops are coming home.” This administration’s reputation for truth is not good, so I don’t have any sense that this means 20,000 fewer troops will actually be in Iraq. Something tells me another 20,000 are going in.

9:51: “A free Iraq will deny Al Qaeda a safe haven”. I just doubt it. Anyway, they already have Pakistan and Afghanistan, so they’re doing fine for safe havens.

9:52: I guess I’m starting to get sick of my own sarcastic nonsense. I’m also starting to get really sick of this speech, and I would like to do something else. I wish this were over.

9:54: Now he’s getting tough with Iran.

9:55: I wish this speech would end. This is a very boring show.

9:57: “America opposes genocide in Sudan.” Well, okay. Good.

9:58: I’m going to skip out of here, and I hope I don’t miss anything big in the last few minutes. I apologize for filling my commentary with such trifling and conventional sarcasm. I deeply hope we will have a more peaceful world in the future, and I hope George Bush’s dreams come true.

But I gotta say, a competent and intelligent President can’t show up in Washington soon enough for me. NEXT!

Live Blog Out

Live-Blogging the State of the Union, George W. Bush January 28 2008, Part Two

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Live blogging of the Jan 28 2008 State of the Union continues:

9:18: I forgot Hillary was here! She claps for George W. Bush’s health care vision with very litle enthusiasm.

9:19: Barack Obama is not clapping at all.

9:19: Dick Cheney’s going to knock himself out with all that clapping.

9:20: Okay, Bush, we get the point: THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE IN USA HEALTH CARE THIS YEAR. That’s sad, but we get it and you can stop saying it.

food break

9:23: Yay, we will approve free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. Show me the money.

9:26: Okay, at least he’s putting the environment into the speech (renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gases). No argument on any of these points, George.

9:27: Barack is applauding.

9:27: If Bush really devotes himself to energy/environmental initiatives in his final year, instead of pretending he’s going to create peace between Palestine and Israel, he could actually have a good final year.

9:28: Are we going to talk about abortion now? I get the feeling he’s steering that way.

9:30: He skirted abortion, nice move actually George. Now, this thing about selling, cloning etc. of human life — that’s some tricky stuff, but I think it’s good Bush is bringing these thorny questions into the national debate.

Not a bad quarter for the President. But we didn’t get to Iraq yet, so hang on for more.

Live-Blogging the State of the Union, George W. Bush January 28 2008

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’ve always wanted to live-blog some televised political event. This might become a bad habit here. Okay, it’s the State of the Union, let’s get started.

Dateline: Washington DC, January 28 2008, 9 pm. Every channel. Speaker: George W. Bush, President of the United States.

8:59: What is this, a fucking red carpet?

9:00: Condoleeza Rice looks nervous.

9:05: (responding to pre-speech CNN voiceover) I’m sick of this “he will work hard for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement” nonsense. It’s a screen for Bush to drink tea with old friends and look important as he rides out his last year. He does not have the standing within the Middle East to broker a significant peace agreement. That requires trust and a reputation for wisdom.

9:06: Still waiting for the President to walk in the room.

9:06: Is somebody getting married? I see the groom.

9:09: And there’s his fat friend, Dick Cheney.

9:10: “In the past seven years our country has been challenged in ways we never dreamed possible.” Yeah, you were our President.

9:12: I’m already bored.

9:15: “Any taxes come across my desk, I will veto it.” This should be a hell of a productive year.

First quarter over, nothing much yet. More to follow.

World War 3 Ends My George W. Bush Honeymoon

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Well, that didn’t last long. I had barely finished praising our unfortunate President for risking the ire of China by meeting with the Dalai Lama when he went and did something stupid again. In a televised press conference yesterday, President Bush glibly improvised a line suggesting that “World War 3″ may soon erupt between the USA, Israel and Iran if Iran doesn’t stop its nuclear weapons program.

What a dangerous moron we have elected as President.

George W. Bush Meets With Dalai Lama

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Something quite miraculous happened today. For the first time in as many years as I can remember, George W. Bush chose the right diplomatic move to make.

I don’t think the news is highly consequential, but the fact that I approve of something this President has done on the global politics front seems itself remarkable enough to be noteworthy.

Gonzales Watch Concludes

Monday, August 27th, 2007

So Alberto Gonzales has resigned. Are Americans satisfied? Hell no. As has been remarked earlier in these pages, we always suspected that the White House was keeping the embattled Attorney General in office not to promote the work this Attorney General could do, but as a bulwark against the work a new Attorney General could do (and will have to do) in furthering investigations that could harm the Bush/Cheney administration.

This has always seemed the obvious explanation for Gonzales’s stubborn refusal to resign, and I still find it amazing when news outlets would report that “George Bush is standing by Gonzales” and discuss “Bush’s loyalty” in keeping Gonzales in office. Since the Attorney General was having a rough ride of historic proportions in the press and on Capitol Hill, it’s impossible to imagine that Gonzales wanted to stay in office. Clearly, it was Gonzales who was standing by Bush, and not the other way around.

It’s also obvious that the White House was calling the shots on how long Alberto Gonzales would stay and when he would resign. It’s all about strategy, and this latest move is just another play in the long, sad game known as the George W. Bush presidency. Next up, the US Senate will reconvene, and I trust they’re planning to keep turning up the heat.

Libby Scoots

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

I’m trying to keep a level head about the commutation of Scooter Libby’s jail sentence. Doesn’t seem fair to me. But I guess it’s Libby’s former boss, not Libby himself, who should be in jail.

Harper’s Magazine on Undoing Bush

Monday, June 25th, 2007

I don’t usually read Harper’s Magazine (though I usually mean to) but I was attracted to the June cover, which asks the question “How to Repair Eight Years of Sabotage, Bungling and Neglect?” under a photo of a smiling George W. Bush.

Since I tend to walk down the street pondering the exact same question these days, I picked up this magazine and was pleased to find a broad and well-considered set of essays on this question, including the following topics by the following authors: The Constitution by David Cole, The Courts by Dahlia Lithwick, The Environment by Bill McKibben, The Marketplace of Ideas by Jack Hitt and The Military by Edward Luttwak. Being generally a foreign policy minded kind of guy, I was most interested in Anne Marie Slaughter’s suggestions on Diplomacy.

How are we going to handle diplomacy after the failure known as George W. Bush waves his last goodbye? It’s a question every 2008 presidential candidate should be able to answer, for one thing, and voters are going to demand something more than the candy-coated sugar language most of the candidates have been delivering on this topic. In her Harper’s article Slaughter wisely sticks to specific instructions: close Guantanamo, get serious about nuclear disarmament, join the International Criminal Court, get serious about the United Nations, and get serious about fighting global warming.

I think these are all important suggestions, though I’d add one more and put it at the very top of the list: renounce torture as an intelligence-gathering technique (that is to say, renounce torture).

I’m less impressed with Earl Shorris on The National Character. Where Slaughter’s prescriptions are based on the existence of concrete objects (Gitmo, the United Nations), Shorris puts too much faith into the meanings of terms like “virtue”, “evil”, “courage”, “fear”. He quotes Immanuel Kant, but he needs to be doused with a bucket of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who would have reminded him that all of these words are ultimately chimeral entities, and really aren’t likely to serve any useful purposes in any discussions, debates or exchanges of ideas, because they are too easily co-opted by alternative meanings or willful misinterpretations.

But Harper’s has put together a good essay series overall, and I’m glad it hammers home the point that those of us who really can’t stand the sight of George W. Bush anymore aren’t necessarily obsessive Bush-haters, and are really not motivated by emotion or anger when we talk about him incessantly. The problem is rather that we feel a desperate need to begin recovering from George W. Bush … and it doesn’t help that this walking disaster is still in office. In other words, it really isn’t about George W. Bush at all. It’s about how the hell we’re going to clean up the mess this moron made, and how we’re going to save our great country once he’s gone.

The Gonzales Watch Continues: Bush Wants Us To Be Satisfied With An “Internal Investigation”

Friday, May 25th, 2007

In yesterday’s Rose Garden speech (aptly covered by Crooks and Liars) President Bush answered questions about the incredible Alberto Gonzales scandal by asking America to be satisfied with a closed-door “internal investigation” that the Justice Department is apparently conducting. Why on earth should we be satisfied with an internal investigation when so much evidence has already been revealed in Congress?

I never intended this blog to turn into “the Gonzales watch”, but my instincts tell me this big story is going to keep getting bigger. If the President continues to hold the position that there has been no significant wrongdoing at the Department of Justice despite the absolutely gigantic amount of evidence to the contrary, Congress needs to respond by examining this misstep as grounds for impeachment.

Monica Goodling Didn’t Mean To

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Monica Goodling, Alberto Gonzales’s last loyal holdout, has now testified that she broke the law in asking job applicants political questions and making hiring decisions on that basis, but “I didn’t mean to”.

Ms. Goodling, whose prim and pained demeanor is reminiscent of “Angela” on The Office, also testified that Gonzales has given false testimony about the current scandal, and that he has engaged in conversations with her about the current scandal that seem to cross the line into witness-tampering.

Why is Alberto Gonzales still the United States Attorney General?