Live-Blogging the State of the Union, George W. Bush January 28 2008

I’ve always wanted to live-blog some televised political event. This might become a bad habit here. Okay, it’s the State of the Union, let’s get started.

Dateline: Washington DC, January 28 2008, 9 pm. Every channel. Speaker: George W. Bush, President of the United States.

8:59: What is this, a fucking red carpet?

9:00: Condoleeza Rice looks nervous.

9:05: (responding to pre-speech CNN voiceover) I’m sick of this “he will work hard for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement” nonsense. It’s a screen for Bush to drink tea with old friends and look important as he rides out his last year. He does not have the standing within the Middle East to broker a significant peace agreement. That requires trust and a reputation for wisdom.

9:06: Still waiting for the President to walk in the room.

9:06: Is somebody getting married? I see the groom.

9:09: And there’s his fat friend, Dick Cheney.

9:10: “In the past seven years our country has been challenged in ways we never dreamed possible.” Yeah, you were our President.

9:12: I’m already bored.

9:15: “Any taxes come across my desk, I will veto it.” This should be a hell of a productive year.

First quarter over, nothing much yet. More to follow.

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  1. Ron McKinney Says:

    GWB rubs me the wrong way too. But this bit wasn’t up to the standards you set for yourself.

    I flipped over from your page on Kerouac, which was interesting.

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