Live-Blogging the State of the Union, George W. Bush January 28 2008, Part Three

Live blogging of the Jan 28 2008 State of the Union continues:

9:32: What’s happening in New Orleans? A Phish concert? I missed what he said.

9:33: Immigration. Again, I don’t have big problems with what he’s saying here.

9:35: Here comes Iraq.

9:35: Liar.

9:36: He looks scared.

9:36: Liar. “Evil men”. For the final time, lunkhead, this is not a Will Smith movie.

9:39: I agree that defeating the Taliban is critical for our security. I wish we had ever made that one of our objectives.

9:41: This guy is just in too deep. I hate losing wars. I hate Presidents who lose wars.

9:41: I should say, I also hate wars. Not just losing them.

9:42: Depressed.

9:43: “The enemy is still dangerous.” Uh, duh, yeah. The question is, does the enemy still think we’re dangerous?

9:43: Joe Biden looks pretty good. Been relaxing, I guess. I always liked him okay.

9:44: Liar. Fool.

9:44: “Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq”. Does saying it make it so?

9:47: Whatever, George. Whatever.

9:47: Some guy yawning.

9:48: If I ever see this shoe salesman and his fat friend again after Inaguaration Day 2009, it’ll be too soon.

9:48: “More than 20,000 of our troops are coming home.” This administration’s reputation for truth is not good, so I don’t have any sense that this means 20,000 fewer troops will actually be in Iraq. Something tells me another 20,000 are going in.

9:51: “A free Iraq will deny Al Qaeda a safe haven”. I just doubt it. Anyway, they already have Pakistan and Afghanistan, so they’re doing fine for safe havens.

9:52: I guess I’m starting to get sick of my own sarcastic nonsense. I’m also starting to get really sick of this speech, and I would like to do something else. I wish this were over.

9:54: Now he’s getting tough with Iran.

9:55: I wish this speech would end. This is a very boring show.

9:57: “America opposes genocide in Sudan.” Well, okay. Good.

9:58: I’m going to skip out of here, and I hope I don’t miss anything big in the last few minutes. I apologize for filling my commentary with such trifling and conventional sarcasm. I deeply hope we will have a more peaceful world in the future, and I hope George Bush’s dreams come true.

But I gotta say, a competent and intelligent President can’t show up in Washington soon enough for me. NEXT!

Live Blog Out

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