Gosh, I Love America

Gosh, I love America. You know why? Because America has the good sense *not* to fall for a well-funded plastic candidate like Mitt Romney. New Hampshire put John McCain on top, and while I intensely disagree with McCain’s Iraq policy, I do agree with the Republican voters that McCain is the best of their entire field.

I’m still not completely decided on Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for my own party — I like them both very much. But I think Clinton’s inability to dominate the Democratic nomination is also a good portent for American democracy in the sense that Hillary Clinton is also a massively-financed candidate.

With regard to both Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton, voters are proving that well-financed candidates don’t always win. This is very encouraging for America.

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  1. Caryn Says:

    Why have a party at all?

  2. Jim Says:

    Don’t break out the champagne for the good Senator yet. It’s Romney in Michigan.

  3. brooklyn Says:

    Yes, Jim, the race is on. Regarding champagne, though, of course I’m not brandishing champagne for any candidates who support the continuation of the Iraq war. And it’s because I want an anti-Iraq war candidate (which basically means a Democrat) to win in November that I’m actually glad Romney is beating McCain, since I think McCain has the better chance to win in November, simply on the grounds that voters can detect authenticity and McCain projects so much more of it.

  4. Steve Plonk Says:

    So far, it looks like McCain, the republican, and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat have a good chance. Edwards, tlhe democrat, needs a must place or win showing in South Carolina. He’s a good candidate, too. Obama, the Democrat, seems too arrogant and idealistic to win the nomination at this point. Same could be said for Huckabee, the republican.

    Moreover, Huckabee is a “flatearther” and could be nominated for the “Periwinkle County Flat Earth Society” chairman. McCain is a “real” conservative and is more pragmatic in his religious beliefs. In addition,
    McCain doesn’t wear his religious beliefs on his sleeve like Huckabee, a former “footwashing” baptist preacherman.

    As for me, since Richardson dropped out, it is all the way with Hillary!

  5. Mike Covey Says:

    Once we replace Republicans with Democrats, we need to start replacing Democrats with Green-Peace candidates. But this requires educating Americans. The first-foremost action of any thinking American, is to try to get other Americans to quit being stupid. Admittedly, quite a challenge.

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