Cindy Sheehan: A Portrait of Bravery

Let’s take a moment to salute a brave woman who endured a “tour of ridicule” that must have been more difficult than many imagine. In an age when a stunning number of intelligent American citizens say that they feel powerless to influence the direction of their own elected government’s foreign policy, Cindy Sheehan’s bold and heartfelt personal protest against our conduct of the Iraq war proved them all wrong. Here’s Cindy’s farewell diary on Daily Kos. I hope she gets some well-deserved rest and perspective, but I also hope we’ll eventually hear from her again.

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  1. R Peterson Says:

    Cindy Sheehan is a disgrace to the American people when she stated “Good-bye America, this is not the Country I loved”. If this is not the Country you loved go to a Country you do love and leave our President and the war alone. The war was needed back when Clinton was President and he was to passive to confront the problem and take care of it then. Many people died in New York and on those planes that didn’t need to die if President Clinton had taken care of business when he had the opportunity. We have many relatives fighting in this war also, you are not alone. I am proud of our soldiers and what they stand for and they believe this war is just and needed to fight terrorism. I have spoken to many soldiers that have come home from the war and families of soldiers that their loved ones had not returned and they all feel the same about this was. I believe you, Cindy Sheehan, are loosing this battle because most American’s believe in this war and you are a minority!! Go to a Country that you will love if you don’t love this one. I love our Country and everything it stands for and “GOD BLESS THE USA”!!

    Raenel Peterson
    San Diego, California

  2. Stokely Says:

    Sheehan puts it into perfect perspective. How can no one can hear or understand? $10 million/hour in Iraq, one dead American daily, fifty dead Iraqi’s. Is there something more important than this going on?

    Sure, we got the NBA playoffs, maybe NHL too. But I think it’s time to take the gloves off, to assess America. Bush epitomizes the failure of democracy and capitalism. We’ve done slavery, civil war, genocide of the indigenous, expansion via armed aggression; set up puppet governments throughout the world, promoted war instead of peace.

    This shining example of liberty and opportunity needs realistic appraisal. Corporations profit greatly from our system. And of course they run the media to thought-control the populace. But this from Wikipedia - 2005 US household income:
    5% make less than $7.5K
    10% make less than $10K
    25% make less than $22.5K
    43% make less than $25K.

    Ten percent of American families live on less than $10,000 a year? Who we kidding with our propaganda? Get real America, look at yourself. Enough with the ‘role model for the world’ bullshit. Tell it straight. To solve a problem, one must first identify what the problem is.

  3. iram sana chaudhry Says:

    cindy sheehan is my hero… she is better than most americans for the sacrifices she made…

    i will fight for her son and all those who died for nothing…
    my open letter to her is on my blog

  4. R Peterson Says:

    Before anyone starts praising Sheehan, you need to look at what this war has brought to Iraq. It has brought more freedom than that country has ever had and the soldiers are proud of what they are doing. How dare anyone put down our soldiers for fighting for something they believe in!! If you put them down you are putting down America and what we stand for. Sure we have had many casualties, but war is not pretty and never will be. Don’t make this war like Vietnam. When those brave soldiers came back they were ridiculed by the American people and those soldiers are the forefront of the American people. Without them we would have more terrorism, and we wouldn’t have the freedom we have. War is sometimes needed then the peace will come.

    Statistics on income does not play into effect when we are backing our soldiers for what they believe in. If you were to go to Iraq and talk with them, you will probably see that over 90% of them know this war was the right decision and it was needed to keep our freedom in tact.

    Talk to a soldier before siding with Sheehan. You will see the soldiers are proud of what they are doing!!

    Raenel Peterson
    San Diego, CA

  5. Stokely Says:

    Common sense tells us things. Tells us our enemies consider us the enemy. And they tell their citizens to support their brave soldiers fighting against us in the name of freedom, or some other slogan. Surely the Vietnamese resistance thought so. Surely the Russian people were told that when they ‘liberated’ Afghanistan - even though it brought down the Soviet empire.

    Bruno said to me in Italy - the Ethiopians never had roads or running water before Mussolini. But Orwell told us things too - slavery is not freedom, ignorance is not bliss, peace is not war. And the military-industrial complex is great for the corporations, but it’s tough on the poor.

    Thing is - all warring governments rely on their citizens blindly believing what they’re told; blindly following the propaganda, like lemmings to the sea; martyrs for the corporate greed.

    If only we would celebrate more - those heroes who resisted Vietnam, put their lives on the line, and brought an end to that absurdity.

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